Univ Dates: 2006-2010

Degree: MSc Mathematical Sciences and MSc (Res) Statistics

Degree Level: Postgraduate


What were your preconceptions of Oxford or Univ before you started here?

It is a complicated system of colleges which will take some time to understand.


What do you remember about your first day at Univ?

It was full of activities. I remembered how helpful Bob, the porter in charge that day, was in helping me settle in.


Was there anyone at Univ who really inspired you?

Lord Butler, the Master of Univ when I was there.


Do you have one outstanding memory?

I’ve had lots of memories from my time at Univ but an outstanding one was a city-wide treasure hunt involving everyone in College organised by the Master of Univ.


How do you think Univ shaped you?

To be more inquisitive.


Did you know what you wanted to do after Univ?

Not really.


How important is a project like this?

Quite important, in showing the diversity of its students.


How did it feel to be selected to take part?