Univ Dates: 2004-2007

Degree: BA Physics

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Occupation: Investment Executive at Infrared Capital Partners Ltd

Biography: Minesh was deeply involved in the social life of the College while undertaking his degree in Physics. Not only was he the JCR Vice President and Treasurer, he also coxed and coached College crews, played College cricket and sang in the chapel choir. He was previously an Analyst at Credit Suisse (2007-2008) and Manager in the Infrastructure and Capital Projects team at Deloitte (2008-2014). Minesh is now an Investment Executive at InfraRed Capital Partners. He is a member of the College’s Audit Committee and a founder member of the Young Univ committee, which organises events to help young Old Members stay connected with each other and the College. He was a Univ Scholar and Exhibitioner.


Why did you think Univ would be right for you?

The reason I chose Univ was that when I came to look at all the colleges Univ was the only porter who said ‘Would you like to come in and have a look?’ If the porter is that friendly and that’s the welcome you get as a visitor, then as a student it’s going to be fantastic…


How did Univ shape you?

Massively, I think. Univ gave me a lot more outward confidence. I was fortunate that Lord Butler was here at the time and he taught me a lot about presentation, I was part of the JCR committee when I was here, so interacting with Lord Butler and trying to convince him of what we wanted to do, things like extending Freshers’ Week, changing the way the JCR budget was run, and having to present to someone of his esteem taught me a huge amount. That gave me the confidence that I have subsequently used in the world of work.


Can you tell us about what you are doing now?

I work for a private equity firm now called InfraRed Capital. We invest in infrastructure, energy and real estate projects and I work on the infrastructure and energy side. Interestingly, three desks away from me is another Univite, who I didn’t know until I started, and in the same industry there is another company called Greencoat and there are two more Univites there at the top echelons of that firm. Univ seems to have an impact all over the place.


How important do you think a project like this is?

It’s interesting how Sir Ivor has been thinking about this is in terms of people who might be applying to Univ and showing them what they might go on to do. I almost think of the Gallery as something a little bit different too, because it gives current students and alumni a flavour of who the rest of their alumni group is and says to them that you can reach out to any of these people. That’s the more powerful message to me.

If someone sees your face up on the wall they will know that you are open to talking to people, which hopefully means people will pick up the phone to College and get in touch. I wish we would do that more, because that’s where the real value comes. It’s also where the real value to Univ comes; if Univ can facilitate the relationships going forward and that results in people progressing in their careers and progressing themselves personally, then ultimately those people will recognise that it was Univ that helped them get there.