Univ Dates: 2009-2012

Degree: BA PPE

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Occupation: Business Director, Guardian News & Media

Biography: After graduating, Mengya was offered a job as an Associate at BCG, which then turned into a Junior Consultant role. She is now Business Director at Guardian News and Media. At Univ she was President of the JCR (2010-2011). She was elected a Scholar in 2010 and 2011. She received an Old Members’ Trust Travel Scholarship in 2009 and a Univ Travel Scholarship in 2011 for travel to the USA.


Did you have any particular expectations before visiting Univ?

I guess just what the brochure says – friendly, of course, but not too many expectations as I didn’t actually visit before interview! But my impressions were that it was really lovely; a beautiful environment, interesting people, great location…


How was your interview?

Interesting and challenging and engaging – I felt like I was having the kinds of conversations that I wanted to have. It was quite nerve-wracking but interesting. It was also quite enjoyable, especially by the end of it. Actually much more fun than you might expect…


Who inspired you most during your time at Univ?

All of the tutors were fantastic…I think the thing that makes someone a good tutor is someone who doesn’t necessarily just teach you a fact or theory, but instead teaches you a way of thinking; a way of thinking about the world, or analysing the world, of coming to your own conclusions about things; that’s quite special.


How do you think Univ helped shape the person you have become?

It definitely prepared me. It was very challenging and that prepares you for life later on. It teaches you to be self-sufficient with your study; being dedicated and also keeping lots of plates spinning. Those qualities are absolutely invaluable on a daily basis. Also just thinking about things; to be thoughtful…


Do you have a favourite memory from your time at College?

I had a fantastic room in second year – a beautiful room with an incredible sofa, it was just the right length to fit on for a really good nap at any time of day. It was just perfect and, in between all the hard work, I took some fantastic recovery naps on it!


What do you think the importance of this project is?

It’s an important project and it would have been interesting if I had had something like this to aspire to when I was a student. It was good to be asked to be part of this and it’s always great to have another reason to come back. It’s a great idea to bring people back for a project like this and remind everyone what’s going on. It will be interesting for students to know what people go on to do when they see these portraits – not in 40 years, when it feels less real or less attainable, but in the near future, when it’s more immediate.