Univ Dates: 2008-2012

Degree: Master of Engineering Science (MEng)

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Occupation: Engineering Consultant – Rolls-Royce

Biography: Martin started his career with the AECOM Structures team and Advanced Design Group as a sponsored student before completing a summer internship with the defence aerospace arm of Rolls-Royce. After leaving Oxford, Martin gained a place on the Rolls-Royce Marine Norwegian Professional Excellence Graduate training programme. Since completion of the programme, he has taken positions as an Engineering Manager, assisting with the transformation of the Rolls-Royce Marine and Diesel engine businesses and as a Product Offering and Strategy Manager. During this four year period, he worked in over nine different offices in the UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Australia.

In his free time he enjoys skiing, climbing, running and hiking around mountains and fjords. At Univ Martin was a Student Ambassador (2008-2011) and President of the Boyle Society. He received an Old Members’ Trust Travel Bursary in 2008. He was elected an Exhibitioner in 2010 and 2011.


Do you remember your interview?

I definitely remember my interview with Doctors Collins and Povey in Helen’s Court. They made me feel so welcome it didn’t even feel so much like an interview, they seemed interested in what I knew and then interested in guiding me rather than just testing me. The conversations were interesting and I felt that I really had the opportunity to ask questions myself – it wasn’t just a process of answering questions it was much more of a conversation. It continued to be like that once I was at Univ for tutorials.


What made you choose Univ?

I’d been around a few of the colleges and Univ was definitely the most welcoming. Even just visiting and spending an afternoon gave me a gut feeling of comfort… as soon as you’re through the gates at the front, I still get it now, it feels like home.


You started Univ at the same time Sir Ivor became Master…

Yes, my first encounter with him was at the Freshers’ dinner and he sat opposite me – not at high table, but down with us – and when he got up to do his first speech and brought the gavel down he broke a wineglass doing it. The Master had just broken a glass with a wooden hammer! I think he smoothed over it and went straight into his speech.

I really admire him for what he has done for College and what he is pushing for – in terms of the Science Week for the Freshers, in terms of the Opportunity Programme. It puts Univ in a much more forward-thinking position than other colleges. I have seen other colleges duplicate what Univ has done but Sir Ivor is willing to try that experimentation and push the agenda; it takes someone with a bit of guts to try and change anything in Oxford.


Do you have a favourite memory from your time at Univ?

Sitting on a staircase eating pizza with close friends – those people who were almost strangers in Freshers’ week who sat with me on that staircase and ate are people that have turned out to be some of my closest friends. Univ has that culture – it’s that position where, as a person that is still maturing, you are put in a position to meet a great and wide range of people.


How important do you think the gallery project is?

I think it’s fantastic just in terms of raising people’s aspirations. There are people involved in this who have gone way out of the area they did their undergrad in; I think Univites tend to go outside of their comfort zones or topics – the topic is merely the training session, it gives you so much access to other things. Having confidence, taking risks, travelling, putting yourself in new situations – the Univ Travel Grants for example allow people a taste of that.