Univ Dates: 2010-2013

Degree: BA PPE

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Occupation: Civil Servant – Policy Advisor, HM Treasury

Biography: JP is a Policy Advisor on Higher Education in HM Treasury. He joined the Civil Service Fast Stream in 2013 as an economist. At Univ he was a Student Ambassador, a member of UCBC, and JCR Vice-President and Treasurer. He is now a member of the Old Members’ Trust Student Support and Access Committee. He was elected a Univ Exhibitioner in 2011-2012 and 2012-2013.


How does it feel being back at Univ today?

It’s great to be back, it’s not really changed and it’s nice to see people that I haven’t seen for some time and also to meet new people – people who were here before me at Univ and who enjoyed it just as much as I did.


Can you share a memory of your time at Univ?

The thing with Oxford is that it’s the whole experience that’s very good – the amazing tutorial experiences that you get alongside rowing down the Isis or sitting in a pub and chatting with interesting people.


How do you feel Univ shaped you?

Univ was a great experience, I made lots of friends and the range of experience is important – I got involved with the rowing and with various things around the university and, of course, the academic experience is second to none. You get to spend time once, sometimes twice, a week debating issues that you are interested in, which in my case was mostly Politics and Economics. Univ has world-leading experts on those topics.


Tell us about what it is you do now…

I am a policy advisor in the Treasury in higher education. I advise Treasury Ministers on anything to do with higher education policy, including student loans or general university financing issues. The current chancellor is from Univ of course. It’s a very interesting time to be there with so much change going on in the political world.


How important do you feel an event like this is in more fully promoting Univ?

I think this project is a very good idea, it allows Univ to showcase some of the things that the younger alumni are doing – they tend to have varied and interesting experiences not just in the UK but around the world. It’s important to make those experiences known to current and potential future students who may not be aware that you could do, say, PPE and go on to work in an industry that isn’t directly related at first glance but uses lots of the skills. I hope this project will help with the choices that people make.