Univ Dates: 2008-2012

Degree: BA Jurisprudence

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Occupation: Barrister

Biography: Josh was called to the Bar by Gray’s Inn in July 2013, and is now in practice as a commercial barrister at 4 New Square in Lincoln’s Inn. He practices predominantly in the areas of professional negligence and insurance, and has recently been instructed in an FA football arbitration. He has also taught tort law at a number of Oxford colleges, and is currently a Lecturer in Law at Christ Church.

At Univ Josh was a Student Ambassador (2008-2009), a member of the Univ Boat Club and President of the Eldon Society (2009-2010). He was elected a Scholar in 2010 and 2011. He received the Wronker Law Prize (OU), the Gibbs Prize (OU), the Wronker Prize for Torts (OU), the Peter Rowley Prize (Univ) and the Alan Urbach Memorial Prize (Univ) in 2012.


What were your expectations of Univ?

To be honest I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t have any family or friends that had gone before, I suppose I assumed it would be a tightknit community; beyond that I was just quite open to it all. I came for an Open Day and obviously there was the beauty of the quads and it was just so incredibly friendly – that’s carried through to all of the open days that I have seen since with new students coming through.

I had a meeting with Adrian Zuckerman, who later became my director of studies – he was brilliant and such a personality. He definitely really inspired me while I was at Univ.


How was the interview process?

I remember the start and the end of my interview – I think I’ve sort of blanked out the middle! Professor Zuckerman had said to us that the best thing you can do is read a wide variety of things and really think about what you have read and test the arguments; pull them apart in your head. The interview is a great way of stripping right down to your basic logical approach.


Do you think that Univ shaped you?

Definitely – I think my aspiration changed all the way through and I think Univ gave me not just the skills, but the confidence to go and do exactly what I wanted to do. To be honest a lot of it is just about being around such brilliant people; this idea that you’ll go through as a group and come out as a group – that’s very true and I still see a lot of people from Univ; it’s very tightknit.


What are your ambitions now?

There are lots of areas of work at the bar that I would like to do; I’d also like to take the opportunities that it gives you in other areas too. With the bar it’s often said that things come to you and you sort of fall into things and I think that’s true. You have to try and not be too prescriptive.


What do you think the importance of this gallery project may be?

I hope that when people see this gallery they will think about the myriad of different careers they can have after Univ – just in law there are many different kinds of lawyers, who all do very different work. I think in Oxford there can be a very specific focus on one kind, and it would be great if undergrads could have a wider view of where they could take those legal skills.