Univ Dates: 2008-2011

Degree: BA Medicine

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Occupation: Core Surgical Trainee

Biography: Amy studied pre-clinical sciences at Univ from 2008 to 2011 as an undergraduate. Whilst at Univ she rowed in the women’s boat club, was social secretary of the boat club and charities and communities officer for the JCR. She gained an exhibition and was the recipient of the Kramer Prize. Since leaving Univ she has studied clinical medicine at Green Templeton College, worked as a foundation doctor in Aberdeen and is currently undertaking core surgical training in Nottingham.


How were the interviews?

They were memorable and I still remember the exact questions – it was Dr Dorrington and Dr Sharp. Dr Dorrington gave me a bottle of wine and asked me how much of the bottle I would have to drink before being over the legal limit. I came up with a number and it was probably too small to be over the limit, so then we discussed the molecular structure of ethanol and how it would penetrate the body’s tissues.


Who really inspired you?

A lot of people inspired me; Sir Ivor in particular. I went to the Univ Chalet two years in a row – Sir Ivor was there and that was very inspiring, but then all of my tutors were. They help you see who you might be, what you can achieve, what you can become. It all just opened my eyes.


Did you have any idea of what you would do after Univ?

I always knew I wanted to be a surgeon; at first I thought maybe a plastic surgeon. Longer-term now I’m looking at orthopaedics, trauma orthopaedics, but that’s still far, far away. Surgical training takes eight years and I’ll probably end up doing a PHD of MD at some point too and only then will I eventually become a consultant.


How important was Univ in shaping you?

Univ gave me lots of good experiences but also lots of good memories. It will always feel like home and coming back here always feels nostalgic.

Most importantly it was a really good mix of friends from different backgrounds and not all medics. That’s the most important thing: you don’t get that at other universities where the medics all stick together. At Univ I had friends who were lawyers, PPEists, psychologists, which is much, much healthier.


Any favourite memories from Univ?

It’s very difficult – there are just far too many to choose from. I was a rower, so any of the Summer VIIIs dinners, and the Chalet trips on those two years were very special times too.


What do you think this Young Univ Gallery project can achieve?

It’s great for inspiring people who are at Univ now, just so they can see what comes with life after College, it also gives them something to aspire to. A lot of the alumni who you tend to hear about at Univ are the famous ones, so just getting to know what the ‘normal’ people are doing can be inspiring I hope.