Univ Dates: 2004-2007

Degree: BA Medical Sciences

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Occupation: Specialist Registrar in Anaesthetics in South London

Biography: After leaving Univ, Agnes continued her studies in Clinical Medicine at Green Templeton College, obtaining her BMBCh in 2010. She began her career as a junior doctor in hospitals across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire and embarked on specialist training in Anaesthesia in 2012. Over the past six years her work took her to eight different NHS Trusts in England. Agnes is a Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists by examination. She is currently undertaking a Clinical Fellowship in Leadership and Transformation, part of which involves spending a year at Deloitte consulting on healthcare related projects. At Univ, she learned to cox at the University College Boat Club.


What were your preconceptions of Oxford or Univ before you started here?

I thought Oxford was an institution for the brightest, most sophisticated and confident of people (definitely couldn’t imagine I would become part of it!)


What do you remember about your first day at Univ?

The buzz of activity as other Freshers and their families were arriving all at the same time, everybody looking as apprehensive and excited as I was.


Who at Univ who really inspired you?

All of my closest friends and peers at Univ have been instrumental in shaping who I have become – I still take inspiration from some of them even now…


Do you have one outstanding memory?

Collectively, my whole experience at Univ has been outstanding!


In what way do you think Univ shaped you?

I became a lot more independent and made bolder choices in life as I became more aware of the unlimited opportunities out there in the world.


How important do you think a project like the Young Univ Gallery is?

I think this project is very special because it showcases the diverse range of opportunities available both to people after they leave Univ.


How did it feel to be selected to take part?

I was very honoured to be asked and delighted to stay connected with Univ.