Univ Dates: 2012-2015

Degree: BA Jurisprudence

Degree Level: Undergraduate

Occupation: Trainee Solicitor at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher and Flom (UK) LLP

Biography: Brought up in Sheffield and educated at King Ecgbert School, Abigail graduated in 2015 after reading Jurisprudence. She was involved in the Boat Club as a cox, mooted in the Cuppers team and was elected JCR President for 2013/14. She also served as Croquet Mistress. She is interested in pursuing other interests including further legal studies, writing, policy, political strategy and politics.


Did you have any preconception about College before you started?

I didn’t have any preconceptions about Univ per se, but then I didn’t really do my homework before applying, I just looked for a middle-sized college that was central and good for Law. We had the Univ Road Show come to my school; it was in one of those areas where no one applies to Oxford so I had met people that way. They were interested in talking to us and you don’t really expect that.

I had the broader perception of Oxford being very traditional, but it wasn’t really a turn-off factor for me; I liked the idea of working in a library with loads of very old books…


How was your first day?

It was really nice – I hid in my room for a bit, but then my mum bullied me into going to the JCR to socialise with people. I met a couple of people who are still good friends of mine now. I found out that the library was open 24hours, so we went there and wandered around and probably annoyed all of the finalists.

I couldn’t remember anyone from interviews and quite a lot of others knew people that they had made friends with at interview. But I found it fairly easy to make friends because I was in Goodhart and had a split study and bedroom and there was one other girl there who is still my best friend now.


Who influenced you most at Univ?

Some of the students in older years; there was a girl in the year above who studied Law too and I used her as a bit of a model for how to do things. She was, and still is, very highly-functioning.


What do you do now?

I’ve spent the last year doing the LPC, Legal Practice Course, which was interesting and now I’m about to start my training contract.


How does it feel to be asked to be involved with the gallery project?

I felt proud; it’s just nice to be connecting again.


And the importance of a project like this?

Anything like this helps humanise institutions, it prevents that perception of a walled-off, archaic institution and shows that actually this is a place that interacts with the people that have been here. It adds a human element.