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“The careers you might be most exposed to at university won’t be for everyone; it’s great to show that there are other possible paths out there.” – Oliver Watts (2008-2011, BA Physics) 

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In development for almost a year, the Young Univ Gallery is both a physical exhibition and multimedia project, with the aim of demonstrating the incredible breadth of Univ’s younger alumni achievements to our prospective and current students, and, indeed, to all who visit the College or website.

After graduation, our alumni from all backgrounds move on to enjoy a rich diversity of careers. Whilst some follow well-trodden paths in established professions or with major institutions, many explore further from the beaten track both in the UK and globally, setting up their own enterprises, working in the voluntary sector, or become writers and performers.

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“Oxford was, if anything, far more diverse than I had been expecting.” – Hereward Mills (2006-2010, MEng Engineering)

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